Why NoWait?

7 Reasons You'll Love NoWait in Your Restaurant

1. No need to use expensive and antiquated pagers

Your host uses an iPad to run the NoWait App. This inexpensive, easy-to-use, touchscreen tablet replaces the old pager base station, and customer cell phones replace clunky pagers.

2. Increased chance your guests will accept a long wait

With text message notification, tell your guest to "Wait where you want". Guests are more likely to accept a long wait if they are given more freedom to explore the local neighborhood while waiting. Cell phones have a limitless range whereas restaurant pagers keep patrons on-site.

3. No crowded entrance or waiting area

Guests walk around more with text notification. This means they will wait outside, in your bar, at the bookstore across the street, etc... A congestion-free entrance is easier to navigate and, no longer seeing a long wait line, passers-by are more likely to approach the host stand.

4. No looking for patrons or shouting out names

With NoWait and text notification, guests return to your host stand, not the other way around. In large restaurants, noisy places, or just with a crowd of patrons that refuse to pay attention to your host, text notification recalls guests to be seated.

5. Unlike restaurant buzzers, NoWait automatically starts a mobile dialogue with your guests

Give your guests further instructions, such as to close-out a bar tab, or to text back if plans have changed.

Get your guests talking about food and drink before they approach the bar or are seated, and drive more sales in your restaurant.

6. Keep all hosts and managers updated about wait list and available tables, anywhere

Everyone can use NoWait together. Use any iPad, iPhone or iPod; with the NoWait App, and all devices sync. A manager on the floor can assign a table to a waiting party. The front host automatically sees where the waiting party will go. In busy restaurants, the host focuses on recording parties while another notifies guests. Even check on your restaurant when you are not there.

7. Thank guests and automatically build a text marketing list

After dining, patrons receive an automated thank-you text. Patrons are invited to opt-in to your text-followers list to receive future text marketing campaigns and help you drive more business.

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