"NoWait seats guests faster so we can serve more guests. NoWait improves our bottom-line earnings."
'Texas' Todd Sapet
Texas Roadhouse  |  Monaca, PA
"We were losing a lot of pagers. NoWait eliminated pager loss and makes our operation more professional."
Tom Williams
Hofbräuhaus Biergarten  |  Pittsburgh, PA
"NoWait provides rich analytics about our waitlist, allowing us to make better decisions on managing high volume."
Jay Jerrier
Il Cane Rosso Pizzeria  |  Dallas, TX
"NoWait organizes and streamlines hosting, giving our managers more time to spend with guests."
Denise Blue Ytsen
Moretti's Ristorante & Pizzeria  |  Chicago, IL

Restaurant Guests

As Featured on Yelp.com

New York, NY "Great french toast, amazing waiting system, they text you when they want you to come for your table and have an online site that shows you the wait and how many people in front of you, that's great service there."
Rohan D  |  Clinton St Baking Company
Baltimore, MD "Once we arrived, the hostesses greeted us and said it would be a 20-30min wait. They have a great system. You give them your phone number and they text you when you're table is ready! Why doesn't everywhere do this?"
Courtney C  |  Abbey Burger Bistro
Dallas, TX "They are normally pretty busy in the evenings, but always very accommodating. They use an iPad and text you when a table is ready so you can hang at the bar, on the great patio, or at home even."
Beth T  |  Goodfriend Beer Garden
Memphis, TN "She then asked if we would like to be notified via text when our table is ready! How cool is that! We sat in the cafe sipping delicious coffee while we waited to be called to our table. IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!"
Krystal A  |  Brother Juniper's
Des Moines, IA "The service and attitudes were very good, there was a bit of a wait but I really liked being notified that a table was ready via a text msg instead of one those red blinky light things."
La C  |  Zombie Burger
Santa Monica, CA "First off- they take your name down and your phone number when you arrive, then send you a text message when your table is ready. This is legitly the best thing ever and I wish every restaurant did this."
Cristina W  |  The Misfit Restaurant and Bar
Vancouver, BC, Canada "They have a nifty system where they take your phone number, you can go elsewhere for drinks or coffee, and they text you when your table is about to be ready. Much better than those giant plastic light-up remote things that other restaurants have, where you can't go more than 100 feet in any direction without losing signal."
JC M  |  Nicli Antica Pizzeria
Chicago, IL "If they have a wait, they use an iPad to take your name and phone number. It will then send your phone a text when your table is ready. Kind of cool."
Jess I  |  Moretti's Ristorante & Pizzeria