How It Works

Simplify Hosting

Turn the Host Stand into 1 Simple, Easy-to-Use iPad App


Walk-ins, Call-Aheads, and Reservations;
Wait Timers, Seating Areas, Real-Time Stats

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Table Management

Multi-Room Views, Table Timers, Easy Table Combination

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Server Sections

Customizable Sections, Server Rotation Counts, Server Stats


Easy Startup, Easy Process

Off-the-Shelf Hardware

Choose hardware that hosts already use. NoWait is available on Apple’s suite of products: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Training Videos

In-App Training Videos make learning NoWait quick and easy. Watch all videos in under 8 minutes.


Take a guest’s phone number, then tap to text when a table’s ready.

Reduce Interruptions

NoWait eliminates interruptions to the hostess by automatically indicating the party’s place in line and updating it in real-time.

Seat More Guests

Streamline Seating and Capture Incremental Revenue

Seat Faster with Team Hosting

By syncing the wait list across all devices, NoWait creates Team Hosting

Notify Guests Sooner

See a table on the floor that's opening up soon? Page a new party immediately instead of running to the host stand

Update the Host Stand Faster

Assign tables and page guests from the floor, and the host stand iPad is automatically updated in real time

Lower the Wait Burden and Guests will Stay

Improve Guest Experience

Allow guests to wait remotely and they’re more likely to accept a longer wait.

They have a great system: You give them your phone number and they text you when the table is ready! Why doesn’t everywhere do this?
Courtney C | As featured on

More Accurate Quoting with Analytics

With NoWait's daily stats email, its easy to measure over-quoting and eliminate this problem to lower the wait and retain more guests.

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Connect with Customers

Market to Customers Before, During, and After They Dine

The NoWait Experience

  • Text 1 — Check-in

    Confirms the guest has been added to the list and includes a link to the place in line (see Reduce Interruptions)

    Propose a drink while the guest waits, add a link to a mobile menu, or propose a gift card purchase

  • Text 2 — Notification

    Informs the party that the table is ready and asks guests to reply if they wish to cancel.

    Highlight a specific dish, daily special , or propose an appetizer to start upselling before your guests sit down.

  • Your est. wait is 20-30 min. Check your place in line: Click here. Show this text at the bar for $1 off drafts
  • Your table is ready. Ask about our seasonal pizza.

Additional Features

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