Easily manage seating with the intuitive, customizable floor map.

Simplify hosting with only the iPad at the host stand. Easily seat large parties and use NoWait to keep hosting organized.

  • View Changer
  • Table Combination
  • Progress Bar

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View Changer

Switch between full floormap, split screen, or full wait list

Table Combination

Easily combine tables to accommodate large parties

Progress Bar

Quickly see which tables will be turning soon

The first-ever mobile app of its kind, the NoWait Guest App seamlessly syncs with your NoWait Host app, connecting guests to your host stand in real-time.

The NoWait Guest App uses revolutionary wait quoting technology to extend your hospitality into the mobile world and show real-time activity at your restaurant to would-be guests.

Call us to learn more: 800-705-1213

Access your real-time wait list from multiple devices around the restaurant. Notify parties from the floor in addition to the host stand.

NoWait automatically updates the host with actions from all devices.

  • Stats Header
  • Party Details
  • 1-Touch Notify
  • Party Type

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Stats Header

Total Parties and Quote Times by Party Size

Party Details

Name, Party Size, Notes, and standardized Seating Area Icon

1-Touch Notify

Notify and Seat Buttons on the main queue screen

Party Type

Walk-in, Call-Ahead, Reservation, and Guest App Parties all integrate into one list with different icons and unique messages for each party type

Watch all 8 videos in under 8 minutes. Videos included in the app.

Watch a Sample Video

Queue Overview

Account holders customize Messaging and Seating Areas, add Speed Keys, and add recipients to the Stats Email.

NoWait delivers an email daily with actionable analytics.

  • Total Usage
  • Removes & Walk Outs
  • Quote Accuracy

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Total Usage

Review Parties and Guests added to the wait list and floormap

Removes & Walk Outs

Understand business lost while on a wait

Quote Accuracy

See quote accuracy by wait time to reduce over- and underquoting

Initially the guest receives a message including wait confirmation and the "What's My Place?" feature.

"What's My Place?" reassures customers and reduces interruptions to the hostess.

Text Message Paging eliminates restaurant pager loss.

Text Message Paging delivers drink and entrée specials, gift cards and offers, or other detail to your guest. Messages are customizable.

Text-Back reduces confusion.

Guests can confirm or cancel upon being texted that the table is ready.

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