Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I get started with NoWait? Do I need someone to come on-site?
NoWait is a free service and you can Create a Free Account to start. You can start using NoWait on your own iPad immediately. Although NoWait is very easy to use, training videos are included in the App and require a total of 8 minutes to learn about all features.
Do I have to use an iPad / iPhone? Can I use Android or other? Can I use my Laptop?
NoWait Host is only available for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). This is the most robust and secure platform. It also is the only one that features a handheld (iPod Touch) that doesn't require a phone or data plan.
Will my customers get spammed?
No. NoWait delivers your messaging to the guest phone numbers that you enter through the system. NoWait does not use guest phone numbers for any other purpose.
Does NoWait integrate with restaurant pagers?
NoWait can work side-by-side with restaurant pagers, and several of our customers do use pagers. Using NoWait's Notes field, it's easy to record a pager number.
Does the customer need to have a smart phone?
Nope! NoWait sends text messages, so any phone that receives a text message (smart or dumb) can be notified. Standard rates apply. Nationally, NoWait restaurants see about 90% of their guests use their cell phones to be notified that their tables are ready.
How do I get my restaurant listed on the NoWait app?
Simply become a NoWait restaurant! By signing up and using the NoWait Host application for seating management, your restaurant will be automatically listed on the NoWait Guest app after two weeks of usage.
Do restaurants in my town use NoWait?
NoWait works with restaurants all over the U.S. and Canada. Contact Us to learn about restaurants in your area. NoWait can provide a restaurant operator for you to speak with as a reference.

Using NoWait

What happens if I exceed my monthly parties?
Contact Us or call an account manager at 800-705-1213 to learn more.
Can I add a party to the list without a phone number?
Yes, simply add the guest to the wait list without a phone number. These guests will have to remain on-site to be notified that the table is ready.
What do I do if a party doesn't return?
Move on to the next party in the list to seat guests quickly and keep tables full. If a party doesn't return, remove them from the list and the stats report will track this. If a guest returns very late, the host can always restore the guest to the main queue using the History tab.
Can I customize my messages?
Yes, all NoWait subscribers can fully customize messages for their first 14 days. After that, all customers who sign up for a monthly plan can continue to customize their messages. Contact Us to learn more about customizing messages.
How many times can I notify a party?
You can notify a party as many times as you like but only once every 2 minutes.
If my guests message me, can I message back?
NoWait provides standardized messaging for guests, and managers can change these on the online portal. Customers with NoWait's Standard plan and above also have the capability to send custom messages back to guests.

Pricing & Plans

How much does NoWait cost?
NoWait has a free plan and Monthly Tiers. See our Pricing Page page to learn more.
Does NoWait offer price discounts for multiple location groups or other reasons?
NoWait works with many restaurant groups, including large franchises. Please Contact Us or call 800-705-1213 to discuss our Enterprise Tier.
Can I turn off some of the messages? Can I turn off messages without having to upgrade to a plan?
NoWait provides full message customization with the Monthly Tiers. Contact Us to start a 2-week trial with custom messaging, including turning off messaging that you do not wish to use.
Does NoWait have a seasonal restaurant plan?
Yes, NoWait works with restaurant operators in seasonal areas. Contact Us or call 800-705-1213 to discuss seasonal options.
I only go on a wait 2 days per month. Can I use NoWait?
Yes, you should sign up for NoWait's Forever Free plan.
Do I have to pay to be be listed on the NoWait app?
Not at all. All restaurants that are using the NoWait Host seating management system are a part of the NoWait Guest App network, regardless of pricing plan level.