Android Permissions Descriptions

April 27, 2015 by Phil  |  Comments Off

We get a lot of questions about why we need the permissions we ask for on Android.  To be fully transparent, here’s what we’re doing with the permissions we request:

  • Read Your Contacts - After you get in line at a restaurant, we have an option for you to text your place in line to other party members.  This requires us to read from your contacts to let you select the people to text.  We do not store your contacts on our server, or communicate with them in any way.
  • Approximate Location/Precise Location - NoWait is primarily a location sensitive app.  We get your location to show you the restaurants nearby, as well as confirm your distance from the restaurant.
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage - This is a very scary sounding permission, we certainly don’t delete or modify any of your personal files, however Google Maps requires this permission so it can write map files to your phone.
  • Read the contents of your USB storage - Again, NoWait does not access any files on your phone besides our own settings/caching data, however Google Maps requires this permission.
  • Receive data from Internet - This should be pretty straightforward, we need to access the Internet to bring you data on the restaurants and all other data from our servers to make the app work!
  • Full network access – Same as above
  • View network connections - This allows us to notify you when a network connection becomes unavailable
  • Control vibration - This lets us give you haptic feedback when you make a mistake entering your password
  • Read Google service configuration - This is another one that Google Maps requires for us to display maps.  NoWait does not store or use anything about your Google service configuration.
  • Prevent device from sleeping – When you’re in line a restaurant, we need to poll our servers every minute to see your current place in line.  While this is happening we’ll prevent your device from sleeping so you’re always getting the latest.

Introducing NoWait Boss Mode

April 1, 2015 by Phil  |  Comments Off

When you use NoWait to get in line from anywhere, you naturally feel like a boss when you walk in front of the line and get seated.  But we didn’t think it was quite enough.

Introducing NoWait Boss Mode

Now when you go to your favorite restaurant, you can truly enter Like a Boss. Continue Reading »

Who’s Saved The Most Time With NoWait?

March 12, 2015 by Phil  |  Comments Off

Remember that time you saved an hour of waiting by getting in line at Sienna Mercado from home?

What about that amazing road trip to visit Kevin Durant’s Southern Cuisine?

If you’re similar to me, and like seeing where you’ve been previously, you’ll love our newest feature, NoWait History.  Now you can easily relive those awesome times at great NoWait restaurants and see how much time you’ve saved by using NoWait. Continue Reading »

Avoid the Wait Together

January 30, 2015 by Phil  |  Comments Off

Have you ever had this situation?  You’re going out with another couple, and one of you gets in-line for your party of 4 at the restaurant using NoWait.  You text them the wait time, but how can they keep up with the place in line?  Probably something like this:

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SMS Marketing Is the Next Big Thing

January 18, 2013 by Luke  |  Comments Off

As the world races on faster and faster towards increased mobile connectivity, it seems that the Mobile media segment is developing ever new features and tools for customer engagement. Mobile is arguably the most important new communication medium, with mobile internet connectivity set to overtake desktop internet connectivity by 2014. Mobile Apps have all but taken over our lives, and now new potential mediums such as Augmented Reality and Google Glass are creeping into our lives. Yet in spite of such amazing technology developments, an existing technology that critics are suggesting is dead, SMS, is actually still proving it’s worth.

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NoWait and Ambur App Partner Up: Revolutionizing iPad Technology For Restaurants

October 15, 2012 by Monica  |  Comments Off

With the new wave of iPad Apps coming into the restaurant market, an increasing number of them can give restaurants the edge to maximize patronage and productivity – enter NoWait to help restaurants seat guests faster and turn more tables. Our new partner, Ambur POS, is also utilizing the convenience of the iPad to revolutionize the traditional restaurant POS.

Ambur Logo

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